After having a hand in four Coveo for Sitecore projects just this year, I think there is value in creating an open source project for reusable Coveo components. This project has two goals:

  1. Share components that can be reused by projects across different industries
  2. Provide implementation references for developers who are learning how to build custom components

Project repo and documentation All Coveo for Sitecore developers are welcome to contribute.

First set of components

Recent Searches This component renders a list of terms most recently searched for in a Searchbox. Developers who use this component in their projects can customize the HTML output of the list using an underscore template. recent searches

Facet Reset This component is a container for a group of Facets, and it renders a button than resets all the Facets inside the container. Multiple FacetReset containers can exist on a page, allowing Facets to be organized into multiple groups. facet reset example

Facet Slider For Range This component is a Facet Slider for range data. For example, if your search results are product categories, and each category covers a range of prices. The range data use-case was covered in detail in this post: Extending Coveo's "Numeric Slider Facet" Component to Search Over Multiple Fields

Bon Appétit!

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