Advice for Development Team Leads

January 02, 2019

This post shares lessons I’ve learned during my experience as dev team lead for software agencies.

My goal is to make other team leads feel more confident in their roles, and to encourage developers who are considering stepping into this position to go ahead and make the leap.

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Automate creation of new Sitecore projects using Yeoman

October 27, 2018

Visual Studio solutions for Sitecore projects are quite complex, as there are multiple integration points to manage. Automating the solution setup process accelerates project kick-off and enforces consistency across the development team.

This post demonstrates how to use Yeoman to create a custom Sitecore project generator. With Yeoman, we can create a Sitecore solution template that's source controlled and collectively managed.

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Run Gulp Tasks from the Comfort of Visual Studio

October 26, 2018
#Visual Studio#JavaScript#gulp

If you are a back-end Sitecore or .NET developer who spends most of your time inside Visual Studio, and your project utilizes gulp tasks, then I'm sure you understand the convenience of the Task Runner Explorer. This window allows running gulp tasks from within Visual Studio, and (even cooler) it allows binding specific tasks to MS Build targets. There's just a couple steps needed to get this window to work correctly.

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Sitecore Symposium 2018

October 18, 2018

Thank you so much to the 200+ people who attended my session - I'm thrilled that so many people got something out of it. Feedback/questions are always welcome, you can contact me on Twitter @AnastasiyaFlynn.

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Open source project for reusable 'Coveo for Sitecore' components

July 09, 2018

After having a hand in four Coveo for Sitecore projects just this year, I think there is value in creating an open source project for reusable Coveo components. This project has two goals:

  1. Share components that can be reused by projects across different industries
  2. Provide implementation references for developers who are learning how to build custom components
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Building for multiple Sitecore versions with .NET Core

June 20, 2018
#Sitecore#.NET Core#Sitecore modules

One of the most important factors in authoring a successful Sitecore Marketplace module is maintaining compatibility with new Sitecore versions.

This post goes over how to utilize .NET Core's simplified csproj footprint and implicit package dependency resolution to build your project against multiple Sitecore versions in one step. Automate the dev-ops part of maintaining modules so you can just have fun and focus on the code.

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