Sitecore QA Best Practices

January 30, 2018
#Sitecore#QA#Sitecore Tips

4 practices specific to testing Sitecore that all Quality Assurance Specialists should follow to ensure correctness and head off bugs early.

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How To Change Render Behavior During Crawl-Time (when using Coveo)

January 21, 2018

You know how it's super easy to change how a rendering is rendered based on Sitecore.Context.PageMode? If you've ever wished there was a similar check available for PageMode.IsIndexCrawlerCrawling, then read on.

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Help Content Authors Differentiate Between Page-Specific And Shared Content

January 16, 2018
#Sitecore#content authoring#Sitecore Tips

This blog post covers how to inject extra metadata text into Experience Editor. One of the great uses of this metadata text it to help content authors see a visual difference between renderings that use local datasources and renderings that use shared datasources.

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A guide to automating Sitecore development tasks with Gulp

January 10, 2018

This tutorial is aimed at Sitecore/.NET developers who are new to the node universe. In the previous post we set up a Sitecore project with 2 renderings that utilized ES6 JavaScript modules. We compiled and bundled the JavaScript modules and their 3rd party dependencies using npm and rollup. Today we will improve our setup by adding automation. We will utilize the following frameworks:

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A quick-start guide to using Node to bundle JavaScript modules for Sitecore

December 03, 2017

This tutorial is aimed at Sitecore/.NET developers who are new to JavaScript compilation. We will build Sitecore renderings that use JavaScript modules, and learn how to bundle those modules with rollup.

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Using Powershell To Find Items That Are Missing Language Versions

November 16, 2017
#Sitecore#content authoring#PowerShell#globalization

Sitecore allows us to delete all language versions from an item, so it's possible for items to end up in an invalid state.

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