Take your Sitecore project to the next level with Node.js

Thank you so much to the 200+ people who attended my session - I'm thrilled that so many people got something out of it. Feedback/questions are always welcome, you can contact me on Twitter @AnastasiyaFlynn.


Session description

Many Sitecore developers still see JavaScript as just a client-side language that’s used to enhance the UI. This session proves that JavaScript belongs server-side as well, showing how to use popular Node.js-powered frameworks to automate server-side processes and make our lives as developers easier. The applications of server-side JavaScript covered in this session do not depend on JSS, and can be used in traditional Sitecore MVC projects.

Session takeaways

This presentation demonstrates practical applications of server-side JavaScript at 3 stages of a Sitecore project lifecycle.

  1. Setup: How to automate the generation of new Sitecore solutions with yeoman
  2. Development: How to build a modular TypeScript library against a headless CMS with webpack
  3. Testing: How to enforce Helix design principles with unit tests written in Jasmine and run with Karma

Slides, session recording, and links to additional resources available on Noti.st

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